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The Nanuq Law Team

Marlisa H Martin

Marlisa H. Martin has been a member of the British Columbia Bar since 2011. She has represented clients at each level of court in British Columbia, including the British Columbia Court of Appeal as well as before the Human Rights Tribunal and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT). 

Mark Walton

Mark Walton had a successful career with the Royal Air Force, working in the UK, Canada, and The Netherlands, before qualifying as a lawyer in Nova Scotia in 2008. He has three law degrees having studied law at three Canadian law schools (Dalhousie, University of New Brunswick, and the University of Alberta). 

Alyx Speth

Alyx was born in Edmonton Alberta, but has lived in Victoria for most of her life, and while she enjoys snowboarding whenever she gets the chance she is thankful that her family brought her to the warm temperate climate on Vancouver Island.



Nanuq Law is a boutique firm that provides legal services in the greater Victoria Area. If you have been injured in a car accident, we will work with you to ensure that you have access to treatment to assist your recovery and work even harder to ensure the best financial outcome possible.

If you have been left out of a will but can not afford legal counsel, we will work with you to ensure that you can take the steps necessary to enforce your rights without having to worry about paying legal fees up front.


Why the polar bear?

Nanuq is the Inuit word for Polar Bear. In Inuit mythology, Nanook was the master of bears. It was he that decided if hunters deserved success in finding and hunting the bear and he also punished those who violated important social rules.

The polar bear is considered the smartest and the most powerful of the bears. Through unique adaptations the polar bear is strong enough and sturdy enough to survive the harshest climates on the earth.


Like the polar bear, we are strong, solid and uniquely adapted to help you with your legal matter.



I have dealt with Nanuq Law on a few occasions and have always been very impressed with Marlisa and her team. I found them easy work with and great at communicating all of the answers to my questions. I Highly recommend using Nanuq Law to anyone that needs professional and reliable law services.

Cameron Doyle


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